What We Are?

The School is intended primarily for the education of Catholic students. However, with due regard to the strength of each class and the academic ability of the students of all religious persuasions are admitted, without any interference with their respective creeds. No donations are accepted for admission.

The Jesuit vision of education goes far beyond the achievement of academic excellence. It includes a radical change of heart in the person of the educated and the educator himself, turning them from selfish concerns to unreserved generosity to God and their fellowmen. For the Christian, this would imply a personal commitment to Jesus Christ in whom he will find source and inspiration of this generosity.

Our education is therefore aimed at this inner liberation of spirit, which renders a person available for even greater service, makes him truly free, mature and capable of assuming whatever responsibility he is called to. Only such an education can create fully committed men and women who can face the challenges of our time.
The ideal which is set before every student is that of a Christian. The young students devote their whole life to give greater glory to God through dedicated service of humanity with special concern for the underprivileged. Towards this end great care is taken to import a sound moral training to the students, to improve not merely their minds, but also their hearts to cultivate in them humane manners, holiness of life, and habits of regularity and cleanliness. In short, the education imparted to them is intended to prepare them for the duties of life as citizens of India.

Due attention is paid to physical training and games. Two large and open playgrounds afford space for cricket, football, hockey, basketball, and other games and recreations. Regular P.T. classes are conducted as part of the ordinary schedule.

In order to equip students for public speaking, elocution classes are conducted as part of the regular schedule. Inter – class and Inter-House debates are held periodically. Students are trained for concerts. Singing classes are a part of the regular schedule.

A well-stocked library is open to the students on all class days. It is also supplied with periodicals and magazines. There are various Clubs formed for the school like the Maths, Science, Literary Activities, Social Science, Kannada, Computers, Craft, Music and Dramatics Club. A few more, covering other subjects, may also be introduced.