Correspondent's Message

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Ronald De Souzas SJ

A hearty welcome to Loyola Kendriya Vidyalaya!!!
Here at this sacred space of transformative learning your dreams and our dreams for your child meet. Loyola KendriyaVidyalaya is a “Jesuit School”. Once a child joins here, he/she now become part of a great legacy and rich history of heroic deeds of lakhs and lakhs of Jesuit trained students who changed the world for the better.

Jesuit Education has always been a trend setter all over the world. It is recognized, appreciated and emulated for the unique way in which it helps transform a student and prepares him or her for work that promotes the common good, while allowing that student to discern his or her vocation in life.

This personal transformation in turn leads to societal transformation thereby achieving the larger aim of creating a better world for all. Teachers in Jesuits schools are not mere instructors. They are facilitators and friends, counselors and confidants, mentors and motivators.

The Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm, the philosophy of teaching in Jesuit Institutions, aims at personality development, wholesome growth, and nurturing the children to bloom into men and women for others, people of competence, commitment, conscience and compassion who will carve a niche for themselves in the world. Based on the five Principals of Context, Experience, Action, Evaluation and Reflection it nurtures teacher student relationship and encourages innovation in a climate of academic freedom. In Jesuit schools, teachers teach students, not subjects. Children are encouraged to think critically, reason analytically, solve problems and communicate clearly – these soft skills or core skills being the focus of our teaching.

It is our undaunted and constant endeavor to build up a person whose excellence is driven by values, success is strengthened by ethics, and modernity is fortified by tradition..

So…. Welcome to Loyola and see the magic for yourself!