Redefining the art of education to spread
the light of knowledge

Principal Message

 Ms. Roopa Mascarenhas
Dear Parents,
A hearty welcome to Loyola Kendriya Vidyalaya!!!
Pen is mightier than sword”, stands good even in this modern world of technology and globalization. It’s my great pleasure to pen down few thoughts for our first school news letter, “Loyola tidings”. It’s important that every student should have a focal lens in the mind to see and observe everything his or her abilities and become successful

Education in today’s scenario has lost its meaning. Learning has become secondary to the peer group and fun has taken its place in the prime life of a student. School is the place where the child learns to develop his or her character. Learns sound value system and other holistic principles. The world today is more than mere bookish knowledge. It need to be fleshed with character and values. The corporate world today not only for a knowledgeable person, but a client composed in life. This is what the LKV aims for, in the field of education.

Literate doesn’t ensure the child is educated. There is vast difference between being literate and educated. A person with real education possesses the humane qualities which are lost in the maze of this world. It is alarming that education these days is just an attainment of degrees and certificates and not the overall development of the person. Opportunity knocks at every heart only some recognize and become successful while the others turn a deaf ear to the knocking and lose in the race of life. To recognize an opportunity one needs to keep the mind open.

May the blessings of Almighty be with all the readers specially the students who are striving to be the strong pillars of our nation..
Ms. Roopa Mascarenhas 
Principal, Loyola Kendriya Vidyalaya